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Properly packing your impressions as well as the Printable Rx Forms.
Attaching the Shipping Label and Proforma Invoice onto the box.


After production, we ship all finished cases after payment receieved.
*Shipping back to you takes max. 3 business days.

Sending Forms

We send Proforma Invoice and Printable Rx Forms to you via email.
*For starters and dentists, we suggest using our UPS account, which can offer you a better discount. We will later put the shipping cost into your invoices.

Calling Express

Call the Express to pickup, and send us the tracking number via email.
OR check with us for a lower rate of freight. *Shipping to us takes max. 3 business days.


*Please use a box that can properly hold all your cases. The box should NOT be too big, because shipping companies charge you by the weight or the size of the box.

*Please use one more plastic bag to hold your Rx Forms, if you are sending alginate impressions, in order to keep the forms dry and neat.

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