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All-ceramics offer the highest quality esthetics combined with superior fracture resistance to produce the least possible wear on opposing dentition. Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers offer cosmetic and functional solutions to caries, diastema closures, partial edentulousness, and more.

Norli gladly offers shade-taking services right here at the laboratory to ensure a gorgeous match for your patients. Our diagnostic wax-ups provide a great way for the patient to visualize procedures and accept their treatment plan. You can count on Norli to provide you with detailed case planning and cost estimates so that neither you nor your patient is taken by surprise.
The warmth and esthetics of gold remains a popular choice with both doctors and patients alike. Norli’s talented technicians sculpt exquisite PFM restorations to your specifications for superb fit and occlusion. Our gold alloy copings provide natural looks that mask discoloration, while the ceramic yields margins and contour that blend with surrounding dentition without any gray to give it away.

Call us to discuss case planning and treatment with the alloy of your choice. We carry a selection of options from non-precious to high noble, and we hand cast right here in the laboratory for superior esthetics, function, and fit.
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Prescribe peace of mind when you choose genuine manufacturer abutments from Norli Dental Laboratory. We work hand-in-hand with all major implant manufacturers, including Biomet 3i™, Straumann® and Nobel Biocare®, designing ideal implant solutions for your patient, which are fabricated by implant manufacturers, to their quality standards. Because we only use genuine implant parts, your patients protect manufacturers’ warranties that voided by using unauthorized parts.

In order to help keep our doctors’ costs down, we offer a tool loaner program with all implant cases. Now you can use the proper torque wrenches and other tools you need to place implants without having to invest a small fortune! Our extensive training and experience with all major implant systems means you will have our expertise working for you. We take the guesswork out of difficult cases—that’s our commitment to your success.
Our traditional dentures and partials feature premium teeth and frameworks for any budget. Careful case planning simplifies delivery of dentures and partials from Norli, with same day or next day relines and repairs available for your patient’s convenience.

Implant and bar anchored fixed removables don’t have to consist of tiring adjustments and endless appointments. With the help of Norli, an individualized treatment will encourage patient acceptance and reduce chairtime. Specifically, surgical stents and diagnostic wax-ups help with treatment plan acceptance and make delivery easy and predictable.

Even challenging combination cases are simplified with Norli on your team. Count on restorations that have consistent emergence profiles, gorgeous natural color, and great fit and retention for partials. Our chrome alloy and acrylic frameworks are available in an array of price-friendly options without compromising looks, fit, or function. No matter the choice, you can count on Norli’s technicians to craft a beautiful prosthetic.
In addition to the aforementioned services, we also fabricate night guards to protect natural dentition and valuable restorations from the effects of bruxing and grinding. Soft, yet durable, thermoplastic yields easily adjustable appliances for effortless patient acceptance. With recent technological improvements, night guards are even smaller and less invasive.

We also have a full line of mouth guards to protect your patients’ smiles and a quick, relatively painless option for people with no teeth. Please talk to us about finding the right solution for your patients.
1. During fabrication, we will send emails, along with photos, to help communicate, if there is any question about the cases.
2. Please send us precise impressions. We may have to request a new impression, if we think the impression has a problem.
3. Please provide clear handwriting of prescriptions.
4. Please provide detailed instructions.
5. Please send us drawings if you require special designs.
6. If possible, don’t send alginate impressions. Please cast stone models before sending.
7. Please properly pack your impressions and models.
8. Please make bite registrations with silicon material, NOT wax.
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