Norli Dental Technology Co., Ltd.

Norli Dental Lab
Norli is a full-service dental lab in Shenzhen China, providing with Crown & Bridge, Partial & Full Denture, and Implants. In order to better serve our global labs, we also supply dental materials, machines and accessories such as zirconium, metal alloys, consumables, analogs, abutments, transfers and attachments.
Full-service Lab
Serve Global Market
Doctors and Labs around the world


Professional Technology
Norli Dental Lab has always kept abreast of the world's advanced dental technology through mastering and developing international new technologies, introducing high-tech precision equipment and applying world new materials, and continuously exploring technological innovation effectively and sustainably.
 Professional Team
Norli Dental Lab has a professional, efficient and cohesive international technical and management team.
Professional Service
Norli Dental Lab takes the mission of 'Collaborating with Dentists to Make Patients More Satisfied', with excellent products, advanced technology and perfect intimate services.
Powerful Strength
The company employs more than 150 people, cooperates with more than 300 dental clinics in 15 countries, and has rich experience in tooth fabrication and customer communication.
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Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China